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Product Information

For a PDF download of the AIVS Directions For Use brochure, click here.

For more than fifteen years, and with many tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products offer versatility to meet the needs of anyone who has phonograph records to clean, whether a private or commercial customer, with products ranging from multi-step record cleaning systems, single-step systems, user-configurable system, a high value enzymatic concentrate formula, to a specialty enzymatic product for fluid dispensing vacuum record cleaning machines and a stylus cleaning product.

The award-winning and highly reviewed Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions family of products was developed with the goal of offering a record cleaning product line that poses no risk of damage to both vinyl and shellac records, and that works well in removing a wide range of contaminants.  All of our product offerings work based on the principle of using purpose-formulated cleaning enzyme components to gently and effectively dissolve record contaminants, including protein-based contaminants, bacterial growth, and other contaminants commonly found on records.  Our research has shown than any number of contaminants present in the environment can reach the record surface and pollute it.  This causes noisy playback and can sometimes lead to permanent damage to the record.  

Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions formulas are also superiorly effective at removing excess esters of stearic acid from vinyl records without causing damage to the record, while leaving this record vinyl component at a beneficial level.  Our research has shown the complete removal of this important component of record vinyl can be detrimental to the condition of the record.  Some cleaning products on the market, including many “home-brew” formulas, can potentially be too aggressive and can remove or damage this protective and lubricating layer.

All of our formulas are mixed using only pure, laboratory-grade components, including the water product.  Our selection of the components that we use is based on laboratory testing of all aspects of the record cleaning process.  

Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Ultra-Pure Water is purified to levels that testing has shown to be correct for cleaning records; no more or no less.  Our Ultra-Pure Water product is used in all of our record cleaning products, as well as our stylus cleaning product.  We purify the water in our products in house for optimal quality control using a custom filtration and processing system.  Although our product is customized for our performance needs, we are ever mindful of ASTM standards for water quality.  

Our research has found that to be highly effective, a record cleaning product must introduce no additional residue into the cleaning process.  None of our products contain any type of harsh detergent or lubricant which can affect sound and can also trap contaminants on the record.  Only pure, carefully selected laboratory grade components are used in AIVS formulas.

Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions offers a cleaning system to meet any need.  There are options for both hand and machine cleaning and for vinyl and shellac records.  Please read on for detailed descriptions of our product line and how these products can work to make your records the cleanest they have ever been.


Enzymatic Formula

This is the first step in our original multi-step cleaning system. Designed to loosen and dissolve a wide range of contaminants, including many protein-based and organic contaminants, the Enzymatic Formula requires follow up cleaning with either the Super Cleaner Formula or the Premium Archivist Formula for a thoroughly clean record. The Enzymatic Formula is most effective when the record’s surface is completely coated with a film of the product and light brushing and agitation of the product is performed to aerate the formula. Using this method for a couple minutes allows time for the enzyme components to loosen and dissolve the contaminants present on the record. 

For extremely dirty records and records that have been previously treated with a lubricating product we suggest either repeating the cleaning process or allowing the Enzymatic Formula to soak on the record for several minutes. Our Premium Record Cleaner Formula No. 15 can also be used in these instances as a pre-cleaner, which will drastically speed up the cleaning process.

This product is available in 16 and 32 ounce sizes and can be purchased in money-saving kits.

16 Ounce Flip Dispensing Bottle: $30.00 
16 Ounce Duo Kit including Premium Archivist Formula or Super Cleaner Formula: $60.00
16 Ounce Ultimate Cleaning Kit including Ultra Pure-Water: $65.00

32 Ounce Flip Dispensing Bottle: $42.00
32 Ounce Duo Kit including Premium Archivist Formula or Super Cleaner Formula: $80.00
32 Ounce Ultimate Cleaning Kit including Ultra-Pure Water: $90.00

Super Cleaner Formula

This formula is designed to work as the second cleaning step after the Enzymatic Formula.  The enzyme content in the Super Cleaner Formula targets specific contaminants not addressed by the Enzymatic Formula. Other formulary components of the Super Cleaner Formula resist the reattaching of dissolved contaminants to the record and cause these dissolved contaminants to rise near the top of the fluid layer on the record for easier removal, either by hand or vacuum.  This formula contains a small amount of laboratory-grade Isopropanol to perform a specific cleaning interaction with the enzyme content.  If you do not desire the use of Isopropanol, please read about our Premium Archivist Formula.  

As with the Enzymatic Formula, the Super Cleaner Formula works best when the surface of the record is thoroughly coated with a layer of fluid and the enzyme content is allowed time to loosen and dissolve the contaminants that are present on the record.  

Super Cleaner Formula is offered in both 16 and 32 ounce sizes and is also available in money-saving kits.

16 Ounce Dispensing Bottle: $30.00 
16 Ounce Duo Kit including Premium Archivist Formula or Super Cleaner Formula: $60.00
16 Ounce Ultimate Cleaning Kit including Ultra Pure-Water: $65.00

32 Ounce Flip Spout Bottle: $42.00
32 Ounce Duo Kit including Premium Archivist Formula or Super Cleaner Formula: $80.00
32 Ounce Ultimate Cleaning Kit including Ultra-Pure Water: $90.00

Premium Archivist Formula

If you prefer a record cleaning solution that does not contain Isopropanol, then Premium Archivist Formula is for you.  This uniquely formulated product is as effective as the Super Cleaner Formula as the second step of the record cleaning process without using any alcohol. 

As with all of our products, a thorough coating of the product on the record surface along with gently brushing and agitation of the fluid is required for the best results.

16 Ounce Dispensing Bottle: $30.00 
16 Ounce Duo Kit including Premium Archivist Formula or Super Cleaner Formula: $60.00
16 Ounce Ultimate Cleaning Kit including Ultra Pure-Water: $65.00

32 Ounce Dispensing Bottle: $42.00
32 Ounce Duo Kit including Premium Archivist Formula or Super Cleaner Formula: $80.00
32 Ounce Ultimate Cleaning Kit including Ultra-Pure Water: $90.00

Ultra-Pure Water

All of our cleaning products contain Ultra-Pure Water.  This product is filtered and de-ionized in a 6 step process that produces a research grade product.  We process our own water product in house to insure that the quality of the product meets the exact standards that we have found through laboratory research to be best suited for cleaning phonograph records.  The result is water that is much purer and that works better than water found at retail outlets.  

This is important for allowing unobstructed action by the enzymatic and natural surfactant components of our cleaning formulas.  The result is records that are cleaner than they’ve ever been.  This product is perfect as a final cleaning step after the 2-step cleaning process to remove any traces of contaminants that might remain, and is also perfect for rinsing brushes and record cleaning machine pickup tubes.

16 Ounce Dispensing Bottle: $16.00
16 Ounce Ultimate Cleaning Kit including Premium Archivist or Super Cleaner Formula: $65.00

32 Ounce Dispensing Bottle: $20.00
32 Ounce Ultimate Cleaning Kit including Premium Archivist or Super Cleaner Formula: $90.00



There’s no mystery with the name of this innovative record cleaning product:  It was born from the sixth experimental formulation that we tried.  We could have also called it “The Best One-Step Record Cleaning Formula Available.”  Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 contains no Isopropanol and is based on our philosophy of using specific enzyme components to clean records.  This special formulation requires no rinsing and, along with being a superior one-step cleaning solution, Premium One Step Formula No. 6 can also be used as a safe and effective pre-soak for the worst thrift shop and rummage sale records.  

Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 is offered in the convenient 32 ounce size, individually or in money-saving sets of four bottles.

32 Ounce Dispensing Bottle: $34.00

Set of Four 32 Ounce Bottles: $130.00 With Free Domestic Ground Shipping Included



At the request of many of our customers, we’ve spent several months working on a superiorly effective formula that could serve as a pre-cleaner for moderately to seriously dirty records. Our customers wanted something that would work more quickly than our 3-step cleaning system and that was safe for use on all records. As a result, we’re happy to introduce Premium Record Cleaner Formula No. 15. 

A complex blend of enzymatic cleaning agents and natural lab-grade detergents, Premium Record Cleaner Formula No. 15 can be used before either our 3-step cleaning system or our Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 as a pre-cleaner for really tough cleaning jobs. Premium Record Cleaner Formula No. 15 should never be used alone, but we have found that it makes a very good cleaning system when paired with our Ultra-Pure Water product. This combination yields results that are comparable to our 3-step record cleaning system with less work and less cost.

16 Ounce Dispensing Bottle: $34.00

32 Ounce Dispensing Bottle: $50.00

Special 2-Step Cleaning Kit -
32 Ounce Premium Record Cleaner Formula No. 15, 32 Ounce Ultra-Pure Water, and 2 Each Listener Select or Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brushes:  $135.00 With Free Domestic Ground Shipping Included



A new addition for 2013 to the award-winning Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions product line, Down With Dirty is a cleaning-enzyme-based concentrate formula that offers superior performance for those phonograph record owners who seek a budget cleaning solution.  This product has also become very popular with used record sellers.

Clearly superior in both laboratory and field tests to “home-brew” record cleaning solutions and other budget record cleaning solutions, Down With Dirty is based on the latest technology in enzyme-based record cleaning products and follows in the developmental and philosophical footsteps of the rest of the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions product line.

The Down With Dirty record cleaning concentrate kit consists of a 540 milliliter bottle of concentrated cleaning enzyme formula, an empty 16 ounce bottle with a dispenser cap for dispensing the mixed ready to use product, and a reusable plastic measuring cup.  The Down With Dirty concentrate is intended for mixture with distilled water or water of better than distilled quality and will yield up to six gallons of ready to use formula.  The ratio of the Down With Dirty concentrate can be adjusted by the consumer for tougher cleaning jobs and for pre-cleaning of dirtier than normal records. 

Down With Dirty by Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions is a versatile and effective addition to any record cleaning tool kit.

Down With Dirty Kit:  $80.00

The Down With Dirty Kit Is Also Offered In a Discounted Package With Choice of Listener Select Or Mobile Fidelity Brush In Our Online Store.

For a PDF download of the AIVS Down With Dirty Directions For Use sheet, click here.



In 2017 we began development of an enzymatic record cleaning product that was specifically formulated for use in fluid-dispensing vacuum record cleaning machine.  Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products typically foam to one degree or another when agitated.  This foaming can interfere with the fluid dispensing mechanism in this type of record cleaning machine. 

This project went on the back burner while we moved on to other projects, but we revived the project late in 2019 because of the growing numbers of fluid-dispensing vacuum record cleaning machines that are currently being purchased. 

Ultra-Low Foaming Formula No. 27 checks all the boxes for an effective enzymatic record cleaning product, and is formulated to produce foaming that is so low in quantity as to not hinder the dispensing process with this type of record cleaning machine.

This formula is a special blend of cleaning enzyme components and is completely alcohol free.

32 Ounce Dispensing Bottle:  $38.00

Set of Four 32 Ounce Bottles: $140.00 With Free Domestic Ground Shipping Included



"The results were similar time and again. About halfway through, I just stopped switching fluids and just stayed with the AIVS enzymatic solution and worked through favorites in my collection. Results were consistent; the AIVS solution seemed to perform as well or, in some cases, better than the OEM fluid.

With the AIVS, I can change the fluid more frequently with minimal cost. The gallon of distilled water costs more than the 15mL of AIVS solution that I mix with it!

If you have an ultrasonic cleaner, give the AIVS Enzymatic Record Cleaning Concentrate for Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machines a try. Audio Desk System Ultrasonic + AIVS Enzymatic Concentrate is a winning combination."

Mohammed Samji, Part-Time Audiophile, October 28, 2022

Read the entire review here.

We first began experimenting with ultrasonic record cleaning in 2011.  One of the issues we found to overcome, for the method to be used successfully, was to find a way to eliminate as much as possible the introduction of dissolved solids in the cleaning formula.  In the time since then we have experimented and tested from time to time with both commercially available ultrasonic record cleaning machines as well as “home-built” machines.

Our final field testing of this product was conducted during summer 2021.  We are now able to offer a non-foaming, very low dissolved solids product that contains no chemical detergents or solvents and that is appropriate for use in all ultrasonic record cleaning machines.  The product does not leave any residue and no after-bath rinsing is required. 

Enzymatic Record Cleaning Concentrate For Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machines is available in both 16 and 32 ounce sizes.  The product is used by simply adding approximately 4 milliliters of the concentrate for every liter of water in the ultrasonic bath of any machine.  Along with being safe and effective, this product is also among the most economical on the market.

16 Ounce Dispensing Bottle With Measuring Cup:  $34.00

32 Ounce Dispensing Bottle With Measuring Cup:  $50.00



What kind of contaminants and debris end up on your stylus?  Quite simply, it’s the same ones that are on your records.  Whether airborne or picked up from the surface of the record, there are benefits to cleaning this debris from your stylus with an enzymatic cleaning formula, just like you do with your records.

Early in 2020 we began development of an enzymatic stylus cleaning formula that will effectively remove protein-based and other debris from the stylus without causing any harm to the stylus or cantilever, and without leaving any sort of film behind.

And most importantly, the AIVS Enzymatic Stylus Cleaner Formula contains no alcohol or any other ingredient that will weaken the stylus-to-cantilever adhesive bond.  This very important point was one of our primary goals in the development of this product.

Enzymatic Stylus Cleaning Formula is supplied in a generous two ounce dropper bottle with a stylus brush with densely packed non-varnished carbon fiber bristles.  This is enough cleaning fluid for up to 1000 cleanings.  The simple cleaning procedure entails dispensing one drop of the fluid on the brush and carefully brushing back to front with the tips of the bristles against the stylus.  For fibers wrapped around the stylus, a slight downward motion from back to front is usually effective.

The versatile stylus brush included with this kit is also available separately for use as a dry stylus brush.  You can find more information and pricing on our Listener Select web page.

2 Ounce Dropper Bottle with Stylus Brush:  $40.00

For a PDF download of the AIVS Enzymatic Stylus Cleaning Kit Directions For Use sheet, click here.


Why use Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions, and why bother cleaning records anyway?

Here are some things that you need to know about our products and about cleaning records.

Records are dirty.  They come from the pressing plant dirty.  When they are handled and played they get even dirtier.  Your stylus does not discriminate.  It tracks through the contaminants on the record as it tracks through the grooves on the record and transmits a signal accordingly.  On a dirty record, what you hear along with the music is ‘pops’ and ‘clicks’, an elevated noise floor, “veiled” sound, an unfocused soundstage, and sound that is generally much less than lifelike.

Playing a dirty record can cause permanent damage to the record, cause a ball of goop to collect on the stylus, and even cause wear and damage to the stylus. The only way to eliminate the conditions and potential hazards is to clean your record.

How should records be cleaned for the best results?  By using laboratory testing and professional interpretation of our findings, along with a little common sense, we’ve learned a lot about cleaning records.  In fact, we think that we’ve broken some new ground on the subject.  In designing and formulating the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions line of products, we’ve built on what has been learned over the past 40 years about cleaning records and what our laboratory testing has proven to us.  The result is a line of record cleaning products that in unmatched in regard to effectiveness and scientific know-how.

By winning The Stereo Times Most Wanted Component Award for 2005, Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions made an initial impact on record cleaning.  The work, however, didn’t end there.  Several initial improvements to the formulations were made in 2006 and 2007 which increased the effectiveness of the product line.  Since then, we have introduced four new products:   Premium Archivist Formula, which is an alcohol-free step 2; Premium One-Step Formula No. 6, which is the most effective one-step product on the market; Premium Record Cleaner Formula No. 15, which is a heavy duty pre-cleaner/ cleaner for tough jobs; and Down With Dirty, which is a basic enzymatic concentrate formula that offers the lowest cost professional record cleaning solution on the market.

Our basic philosophy in the development of the products is clear and is grounded in good common sense:  A record is either clean or it’s not.  With that as our goal, we have developed formulas that can get records clean.  By that we mean the there is no ball of goop on your stylus after you play a record, no added distortion of the playback signal, and virtually no ‘pops’ and ‘clicks’ during playback.

We didn’t stop there.  Listening tests are one thing, but for us to be absolutely sure that we had products that got the record clean we relied on microscopic examination to see if it was truly clean.  And clean to us means free of contaminants and free of any residue from the cleaning formula itself.  Along the way to proving that we did have a superior product line we also learned how to employ proper methodology to ensure that the formulas performed to their potential.  Much of what we learned about methodology can be found in our Directions for Use, which can be downloaded using the link near the top of this web page.

Here are some other facts that we’ve learned and that are important to anyone who wants clean records:

Records are hard to clean, but once they are clean they are much easier to maintain in that condition.
Records need to be cleaned regularly to maintain optimum playback conditions.
Although records can be cleaned successfully by hand, machine cleaning is much more thorough, efficient, and effective.
The brush used to clean a record is not of high importance as long as a natural hair or fiber bristle brush, or a brush with sharp or non-blunted bristles is not used.  The brush should only be used to spread the fluid over the record and to agitate the fluid and gently sweep the record.  Hard scrubbing makes the record harder to get clean and can permanent damage to the record.  This rule applies to any cleaning method, any brush, and any record cleaning fluid.
By adding lubricants to the record cleaning solution, dissolved contaminants can be trapped on the record during the cleaning process.  We don’t use them. Lubricants should only be applied after the record is completely and thoroughly     cleaned.  Always remember:  lubricants will wear off the record unevenly, affecting the sound reproduction.  Due to the effects of gravity, they have the tendency to puddle into the bottoms of the grooves when applied.  As evidenced by a ball of goop on the stylus after playing a record, the lubricant is a barrier between the stylus and the record that can affect the sound quality.   A lubricated record will also attract contaminants more quickly than one that is not.  Lubricants can do much to lower the noise floor of a record and may be a necessity on damaged records, but please be aware of the drawbacks.
The purity of the formulary components of the record cleaning fluid and of the fluid itself are highly associated with the effectiveness of the product.  We use only laboratory grade components, including the water.  None of our products contain any type of detergent and will not leave any of residue or film on the record when used according to instructions.
How is Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solution designed to work, and why?

Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions was developed using the approach of gently and thoroughly cleaning the record by using the power of specific cleaning enzymatic compounds to loosen and dissolve the contaminants, making them easier to remove from the surface of the record, whether by hand cleaning or record machine vacuum.

 This approach is different from the common approach since scrubbing of the record is not necessary nor is it recommended.  In fact, hard scrubbing can make the record harder to clean and has the potential to cause permanent damage to the record.

The use of enzymatic compounds was based on the fact that a majority of contaminants commonly found on records are protein based.  Nothing breaks down protein residues like enzymatic compounds.  The enzymatic compounds used in all Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products are selected for their purity and specific purposes.  These enzymatic compounds give you the power to get your records cleaner than they have ever been.

In addition to the enzymatic compounds, we use the purest, non-detergent surfactants available.  These surfactants are designed to allow the formulas to flow over the record surface and into the grooves, and also to allow the dissolved contaminants to rise in the fluid level for easier removal. The surfactants that we use in our products will not leave a residue on your records.

For records cleaner than you’ve ever seen or heard, give Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions a try on your records.  Call or write us; we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the cleaning regimen that would best fit your specific needs.


Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions and Listener Select Limited Warranty

All Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions and Listener Select products are guaranteed to be produced under strict quality control to insure that the quality and consistency of the products meets our high standards. All of these products have been subjected to certified laboratory testing and have been extensively field tested by private individuals.

All ingredients and materials used in the products are hand selected and are certified by their manufacturers to be of the stated composition and quality. All water used is processed to strict proprietary standards and is constantly tested and monitored to ensure that these standards are maintained. When used according to directions, all Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products and Listener Select products are safe and effective for their intended use.

Insomuch as Osage Audio Products, LLC has no control over the usage, storage, and handling of the products once they are in the hands of the consumer, warranty against injury or damage to persons or to real or personal property cannot be, and is not expressed or implied by Osage Audio Products, LLC. The proper use, storage, and handling of the products are solely the responsibility of the user.

Any product that is proven to be contaminated, mislabeled, improperly manufactured, or otherwise defective, or any product, when used properly, that does not otherwise provide satisfaction will be, at the request of the customer, replaced at no charge or the purchase price less shipping and handling will be refunded upon receipt of the product in question and after examination and confirmation of the claimed fault or dissatisfaction. Osage Audio Products, LLC must be contacted in advance of any return to obtain a Returned Goods Authorization. No other compensation for defective product dissatisfaction is expressed or implied, and will not be awarded under the terms of this warranty.

Any Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products or Listener Select products that are purchased through an authorized dealer are subject to the return policies of said authorized dealer. These policies may vary and are not under the control of Osage Audio Products, LLC.